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Applied Engineering Sciences is THE interdisciplinary degree in the College of Engineering. The program combines the technical strengths of engineering with the savvy expertise of business, graduating technically sound and business bound engineers ready to tackle the complex problems of an ever changing global landscape.
With guidance from the Society of Applied Enginering Sciences, our students become strong engineering and business candidates ready to face challenges across industries.

What is Applied Engineering?

Words From Our President: Maryam Esho

The Society of Applied Engineering Sciences (SAES) is the professional development organization associated with the Applied Engineering Sciences major at MSU.

Along with the major as a whole, the society has been growing year after year. SAES helps students become more involved in their major, embrace the full benefits of the extended alumni network, learn about potential job leads, build individual skills, meet fellow students and much more. Traditionally, the majority of our events have been held in person. This year, we are happy to announce that we will be holding almost all of our events in-person as the pandemic settles. We will still utilize virtual formats to accommodate companies and students, as we learned that this will be the new normal.

Being elected President of SAES means a lot to me, this is my third year serving on the Executive Board (E-Board) and I’m excited to lead SAES to make it even better than it was pre-pandemic. As a freshman at Michigan State University, I was a Biochemistry major in the Lyman Briggs College and was planning to pursue a career as a pharmacist. In high school, I felt I excelled in multiple subjects and had a wide range of interests. After a month of taking classes in Lyman Briggs and being around so many pre-med students, I felt that I was not in the right field and decided to explore other options. My interest in math and science was still there, so I decided to explore engineering majors that MSU offered. I was most interested in Industrial Engineering, which involves improving processes and allocating resources to fit business needs. Since this was not offered in the MSU College of Engineering, I stumbled upon the Applied Engineering Sciences degree. I met with the advisor and she recommended I go to a SAES meeting to learn more about the major. After attending a general member meeting with Tesla and interacting with some SAES E-Board members, I decided to officially change my major to AES and began taking classes in the curriculum the following semester. Between the people in the major, the supportive faculty, and the abundance of opportunities, I quickly learned that AES was the major for me. AES prepares you to be a people leader and a technical problem solver among a variety of disciplines and industries. With AES, you can drive your career path based on your personal career goals. The best thing about it is that you can go anywhere and do anything with this major. We’ve had CEO’s and big executive leaders with the major, as well as people who have gone on to law and medical schools.

The history of the club shows a trend of increasing attendance and participation while adding professional development networking events. Introducing the Fall SAES Mixer, SAES Spring Breakfast, and having open workshops for SAES members have resulted in numerous internships, co-op’s, and full-time offers!

The 2022-2023 Executive Board was selected in April and is committed to continuing the organization’s historical success and growth amidst very abnormal few years due to the pandemic. We have five seniors and three juniors who all have unique ideas, viewpoints, experiences, and concentrations that bring ample creativity and energy to the table.

We have 5 main objectives for this upcoming year:

  • Increasing the student involvement and social aspect of the club
  • Transforming the professional development element of SAES
  • Creating a diverse company lineup for our meetings, mixers, and events to showcase the six concentrations of AES and various opportunities with them
  • Increasing our club collaborations to yield more involvement
  • Providing chair positions to assist the E-Board with additional tasks which will give leadership experiences to our members and help us to offer more events throughout the year

These five objectives were created based on how last year went and what I learned from other organizations and the new things I implemented throughout the year as the Vice President. The E-Board is motivated to deliver the best experience our members have ever seen. We are creating the tools to enable students to learn and grow, some of these tools include:

  • Fall Mixer, Corporate Trip and Company Site Visits
  • Schedule Connect System
  • Alumni, Student, and Eboard Spotlights
  • Increased Online Engagement with new website
  • Event collaborations with SCMA, Toastmasters, SCNO, The Center and many more!

This is a very exciting time to be a part of the growing AES major and unlike anything we have ever seen before. Providing tangible tools for students to use, I think, is the first step for them to grow professionally and to learn how to go back to the in-person recruiting opportunities. We are planning to provide a meaningful and memorable year for our members.

As president, I am excited to work with my fellow students to bring this organization to new heights and have another great year!

-- Maryam Esho, SAES President

Past Events

From networking to collaboration to innovation, SAES has it all. Working side by side with our distinguished alumni board, the namesake major changes to fit the latest needs of industry to keep our students at the top of the hiring pool.

Our students are well-rounded, service-oriented individiuals, with annual volunteering events like "Introduce a Girl to Engineering" and "Girls' STEM Day" to promote engagement in future generations of engineers.

All SAES events engage in personal and professional development to enhance the communication and leadership skills of our members.

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